This is a page dedicated to local and international BugHunt TTL excursions.

At the moment I am busy planning a 3-5-day BugHunt TTL trip to Madagascar where we can explore, photograph and interact with the amazingly diverse Madagascan macro wildlife. (15-20 participants ONLY)

  1. What to expect!
    1. London return flights with transport to/from lodging from/to airport
    2. participation in all workshop events, meals, and lodging (lodging may be double occupancy depending on availability) 
    3. BugHunt TTL will always start at 5pm on the day of arrival with an informal meeting/presentation at the lodging facilities reinforcing/adjusting the next days (late drinks to be had at own’s peril/expenses as early wake ups necessary)
    4. 1 hour meeting with the best insect seller in Madagascar (be sure to make the most of meeting )
    5. international participants please be aware and adhere to the timings advertised according to the London time;
    6. WARNING!!!! (I know it isn’t necessary but this can really dampen the mood and even get people into trouble with the law)
      • Please do not, under any circumstances, collect any live/dead specimens, (in full or parts of) for transportation/shipping to any country worldwide;
  2. BugHunt TTL Macro Photography Topics include:
    • Macro & microphotography equipment
    • Composition
    • Lighting & flash
    • Working with live insects
    • Special techniques: focus-stacking, high-speed flash

More details and available for booking soon!!!